Sunday, September 4, 2011

Effortless Vogue: Could Be You!

ComplexSimplicity would like spotlight our readers that set themselves apart from others by walking down your own runways! We are excited to see what clothes and accessories our readers are wearing to distinguish themselves from others. Effortless Vogue is a forum to inspire our readers to always look their best; highlighting complex style and simple individuality! 

Take a look back at our past Effortless Vogue features:  Tara, Rita, and Rhonda!  Each one has their own unique styles:  from the love of vintage, to bold and colorful pieces, to chic and minimalistic fashions!  These three ladies led the way!  Be sure to click on each picture to jump to their individual interviews!

  Will our next Effortless Vogue feature be you?

If you are truly one of a kind and have what it takes to be showcased in Effortless Vogue, let us know! Send us a few good pics, and a short description of yourself and style inspirations to! Also, please include your name, age, and location in the body of the email. Can't wait to hear from you! Smooches!


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