Sunday, June 5, 2011

Behind GUAP Magazine

We love people that stay on a constant grind. People that give back to the world in their own special way, encourage us to keep up our hard work!

CEO of GUAP Magazine, Jay Smith, definitely falls in this category. His interview is truly inspiring: from his childhood as a young entrepreneur, to his career and life in the USAF, to the future aspirations of GUAP Magazine.

Take a listen as Mr. Smith  speaks on his biggest obstacle to success, the one question he would ask God, and his dreams of becoming a v-jay!  Keep up the great work, Jay and keep inspiring others! 



  1. Hey, keep doing what your doing, nothing is more inspiring than ladies pursuing what they are passionate about. I look forward to being a supporter of this site, signed Jonathan

  2. Thank you, Jonathan! We appreciate the support and we will definitely keep producing quality post for our lovely followers!