Saturday, October 16, 2010

Effortless Vogue: RhondaMae

Once a month, ComplexSimplicity will spotlight one of our readers that set themselves apart from others by walking down their own runways! We are excited to see what clothes and accesories our readers are wearing to distinguish themselves from others. Effortless Vogue is a forum to inspire our readers to always look their best; highlighting complex style and simple individuality!

*in my diva Wendy Williams voice*
Introducing, CS follower, Ms. RhondaMae!

5 Words to Describe her style:
Sophisticated, Chic, Minimalistic, Comfortable, Effortless

Name: RhondaMae
Age: 26
Occupation: Teacher
Location: ATL Shawty

ComplexSimplicity: What’s your absolute favorite piece (clothing or accessories) to wear?
Rhonda: Recently, I've been into leggings a lot! fancy earrings are a must paired with a huge bag!!!

CS: Do you follow current fashion trends or do you follow your own path when it comes to your style?
Rhonda: "I dont do fashion....I am fashion" message!!!

CS: How would you describe your personal style?
Rhonda: I consider myself to be a "plain jane." Others would disagree... I mean less is more right?

CS: What are your staple items?
I love earrings, bangles, and heels that can be worn dressy or casual! I love fitted jeans with a cute jacket or sweater.

CS: You’re running late for class/work, what do you throw on?
Rhonda: Leggings (not the cheap kind though.. has to be the thick material or I cant wear them) and a nice tunic, bangles, and huge earrings!

CS: If you could splurge on any designer item, what would it be?
Rhonda: I want some blood on my toes!!! Definitely some CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN HEELS! Now thats what you call "tippin"! LOL!

CS: What’s your favorite fashion quote?
Rhonda: "Fashion fades, but only style remains" Because it's so true!

If you are truly one of a kind and have what it takes to be showcased in Effortless Vogue, let us know! Send us a few good pics, and a short description of yourself and style inspirations to! Also, please include your name, age, and location in the body of the email. Can't wait to hear from you! Smooches!



  1. Very pretty lady! I love the tube top pic at the top left!!

  2. very good interview...nice to see someone who describes themselves as "plain jane" add spice to their wardrobe! I'm taking her advice from now on... :) thanks!