Saturday, September 11, 2010

Effortless Vogue: Rita

Once a month, ComplexSimplicity will spotlight one of our readers that set themselves apart from others by walking down their own runways! We are excited to see what clothes and accessories our readers are wearing to distinguish themselves from others. Effortless Vogue is a forum to inspire our readers to always look their best; highlighting complex style and simple individuality!

This month, CS chooses Rita:

I've known Rita for about a decade, and let me say that this lady has morphed into a full-fledged style trendsetter. From mixing affordable pieces with funky new-age flair, to adapting colorful garb straight from Vogue itself and working all those elements into the "everyday" world, Rita IS a fashion maverick!

CS: How would you describe your current style?
Rita: LOTS of colors, dresses and patterns. I wear what I want and don't seek the approval of others in the process.

CS: How long did it take you to come "into" your sense of style? Otherwise, how do you know your current style is YOU?
Rita: I didn't come into my sense of style until maybe a few years ago. I stopped worrying about what everyone else was wearing or what everyone "liked" for me to wear and started focusing on things I liked. Since I came into my style and became comfortable with it, I never asked anyone's opinion of what they liked, And if they gave their opinion anyway, I told them to keep it. Ha!

CS: What designers do you adore?
Rita: I love Patricia Fields! (For those not familiar with Ms. Fields, she styles the ladies for Sex And The City. Need I say more?? LOL) Keith Harring for Patricia Fields is also a favorite of mine. Anyone producing a high quality product that is different and beautiful is a designer I adore! :)

CS: When choosing pieces, what do you take into consideration?
Rita: I don't weigh too many factors in before choosing pieces. If I love it, I will buy it! I don't have to have a set place to wear it or a certain shoe to wear it with, that will all come later. (laughs) I believe if you love it and can afford it, buy it!

CS: What is on your fashion wishlist right now?
Rita: The all white Hermes Birkin bag & the black and white Gucci aviator sunglasses.

CS: What is your one tip for other fashionistas out there?
Rita: Be free when it comes to fashion Wear what you want regardless of the opinion of others. If you love it, rock it and make them want it!!

If you are truly one of a kind and have what it takes to be showcased in Effortless Vogue, let us know! Send us a few good pics, and a short description of yourself and style inspirations to! Also, please include your name, age, and location in the body of the email. Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. What an amazing write up....kudos to Rita and he unique sense of style and fashion.

  2. Thank you Aisha! Rita is an amazing woman and made it easy for me to do this on her!

  3. great style! Do it Rita!!