Meet the Staff

The Visionary

Cash, a true southern belle.... Originally from NC, but also reps the DMV, and now, claims the beautiful state of TX her home.  She's always been a quiet person that loves history and other random information. Usually, others tend to focus on Cash due to her "jump up and do it" antics and unique sense of style!  Overall, Cash is an optimistic, easy going person that simply tries to live her life like its Golden!!

The Perfectionist

 Hailing from the Midwest, Liv is a self proclaimed fabulously single mommy of 2. She adores good food, good conversation and a good, good clean cocktail, so please believe she's into the social life! Currently, Liv is on grind mode to establish a business venture as a professional makeup artist, so all things beauty is her modus operandi. Blunt, witty, and sharp are qualities Liv possesses, so TRUST she will keep it real!!