Monday, September 27, 2010

Inspiration // Kevyn Aucoin

This man changed my life.

He is absolutely responsible for the addiction that I possess with cosmetics. I've always dabbled in makeup. Never anything serious, but I always adored the way that applying a color or liner can simply transform you. One day while on YouTube, I had the honor of stumbling upon a video of this master in his element. I had to find out who this man, armed with just a fluffy brush and a smile, changed how a woman felt about herself, just before my eyes. I looked him up on Google and learned about how this man had single-handedly influenced a movement with his innovative concepts about how makeup really has no boundaries. He taught me about the basic applications and how to build in little ways. How really trusting your creativity can foster the makeup artist in you. Yeah, sounds cheesy, but from then on, knowing how this man created a legacy literally with his hands, lit the fire under me. He pressed me toward my desire to become just that, what I truly think my destiny is: to create art.

Even though Kevyn is no longer with us, his spirit and the numerous people he touched with his life will live on. Thank you for inspiring me with that. I know I've never met you, but I feel that I am close to you and see you every day through your many creations.
Thank you.


  1. Thanks for introducing Kevyn to me. I had never heard of him until today.

  2. He is the business!! I love his books too. They are on my coffee table as we speak!