Saturday, August 21, 2010

Clean Up Session with Erykah Badu

I just remembered why I fell head over heels for Erykah Badu!

1. She is so real!
2. She's gorgeous!
3. This song is so true: we've all been in love with the "bad guy" before.
4. That loft is ultra dope!
5. Love the all the colors and just the vibe of their apartment!
6. I want to be her friend so we can talk about how far the stars are from the earth and why they look white when they're really balls of fire over a cup of herbal tea! LOL!
7. She obviously didn't care that her arms weren't shaven, but she didn't have to tell us like some other artist I won't name! *cough, India Aire, cough*
8. Did I mention, she's a natural beauty.. check the beauty mark in the middle of her forehead!
9. She's the Shit! Period Point Blank!
10. She's one of my besties (don't you just hate that word) in my mind!

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    1. Whhyyyyyy did I just see your "cough" remark?? LMBO!!!!!

    2. You know that pissed me off, EARLY!! The thought of me becoming one of her fans, was thrown out the window ret after that! Just nasty!