Saturday, July 31, 2010

Great Coverage For a Great Price

Great scoop for you gals that love make-up but are fed up with not finding the right foundation! Here's the back story: so the other day I was in the BX here in Germany and I was on the search for the new Covergirl foundation that claimed to be "full coverage" *side-eye* Before I left, a divine voice from the heavens told me to walk over a check out the Smashbox counter, you know, just to get some information about my skin tone. Most foundations that I was using had a yellowish tint to them after I would applied them, and those that claimed to be full coverage would fail in "covering." The saleswoman understood my frustrations and began to look at my skin complexion and the tone of my skin. She then placed in my hands the miracle jar!!!

Its was called Dermablend! A full coverage foundation in a small jar...She put it on and when I tell you it worked wonders, believe me, it really works! All of my blemishes were hidden, it was not overpowering and thank God, there was no overbearing odor. Finally, a light weight perfect matching, full coverage foundation!!

From that day, this is all I have used!!! I went on the Smashbox website and couldn't did not find it, but with the help of my aunt, I have found it!! Just click here for it!!

Smashbox also carries a setting powder that is available in 3 colors that will guarantee you 16 hours of smudge proof foundation!! I have both of these products and will promise you, you will not use another foundation ever again!!! Even if you don't have blemishes but would love to have a smooth coverage, this is the foundation to keep in your make-up bag!!

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