Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heart Flutters: Picture Perfect

Let's rewind backwards to the CS interview with Elion the Great... we asked Elion if he would be mixing his singing abilities into his music, as he's a rapper by trade. He answered that he would be incorporating his skills in the music soon based on what his fans wanted. Well, I guess the fans have spoken and we now have a mini ballad from Elion, titled Picture Perfect!

Here's a little snippet of what he's offering, ladies:

I wish I knew, just/how you do, that/
thing you do, you make me wanna get next to you/
But, I don't so I'm curious about you lady/
and where you been hiding, baby/
I would like to take you out tonight/
to wherever you'd like to/
It's all up to you, It's all up to you..
Girl, you're picture perfect..

From the look of it, Elion may be featuring this on his upcoming mixtape, The Elion Show Two. Hopefully! My vote has already been cast! Obviously, from the title, I Simply Cherish this song! Keep up the great work, El!

So, let us know what you think of Elion's 1st ballad by voting!

Do you Simply Cherish or is it a Complex Perish?

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  1. I like it! He has a nice voice and I hope he makes it in the industry soon! This song, or the concept of the song, reminds me of Musiq's 1st song, Just Friends for some reason.

  2. Love it. Would definitely rock it in iTunes!

  3. I love the new elements of your blog! Inspiring!!!

  4. @Sandy: Thanks for the comment! We'll be sure Elion gets your comment!

    @Chandra: Ditto.. I'm sure he would love that!

    @favoredchick: Really? Inspiring? How sweet! Thanks, love!

    and thank you all for commenting!!

  5. heyyyy i appreciate that folks! i am definitely exploring the opportunities that have been popping up from this snippet. wow looks like it will be more singing incorporated definitely! i thank you all again for showing me love and letting me know what you think. i will be in touch with c s with all my upcoming projects