Sunday, August 7, 2011

CS Discussion: For the Love of Facebook

Am I the only one in the world that doesn't take Facebook that serious? 
A little while ago, I ran across a status update (with 29 comments) that stated "Should I be mad when someone unfriends me?"  

My initial thought was "who the eff cares if someone unfriends you?"  But then, it hit me, maybe some people do actually take Facebook THAT serious... Hmmm... 

Besides that status, I find myself smh more and more at some of the things and topics I see on FB.  Some status post are becoming so detailed that I can almost tell you what a person is doing this weekend, who they're currently in love with, and weeks later, wait for the break up and drunken nights to follow.

(Don't judge me but) I didnt see The Social Network, however, I recall when Facebook was created, it was a networking tool, that at first only created for college students (waaay back when I was in college).  So, how did it become peoples personal diaries?  How did people become so addicted to this site that they become offended when a person, that they probably NEVER talk to, unfriends them? 

Currently, I have to admit, that I log into Facebook faithfully because I'm still deployed.  However, when I return home, the first thing I'm going to do (when I get to some good innanet) is purge some of those "never talk to, still living at home with your momma, hustling on the side, can't stand my hataz" friends, and then deactivate my account at least until the New Year.  When I return to the Book in January 2012, I plan on using it for its intended purpose.. say it with me.. NETWORKING!

Will people ever realize that sharing too much of your business on Facebook makes you look ummm..... (CS you can fill in the blank here).  When will people stop putting all of their hopes and joys into the number of "friends" they have on FB? 

CS, we want to know, what's your "Relationship Status" with Facebook?



  1. lol Facebook is My Comedy Relief! These People Have Me Rooollinnnn with they Rants Please Keep RATCHETNESS ALIVE! lol -Black Hasselhoff

  2. Lol A. Davis! Yeah, me too.. and I'm like, if I notice it, dont you think other people see how dumb and immature you look. Especially grown ups with kids!! They're the worst! Ratchedness is the best!! lol