Monday, August 15, 2011

...Everyday the 14th!

The inspiration:  Andre 3000's Happy Valentine's Day! 
(which, by the way, I listened to The Love Below ALL weekend)! 

IF I could have gone on a date this weekend, I would have wanted to wear something like this.....

...Everyday the 14th!

*sigh* I miss my closet so much that I had to do something to make myself feel some kind of girly, so I created an account on Polyvore. This is my first outfit, inspired by the summer's red and pink trend, that I missed out on paired with nude and silver accesories. 

Let me just say that Polyvore is a wonderful site for the "what do I want to wear today" person!  It offers the hottest trends, style advice, as well as great places to shop!  It's the perfect tool in creating your personal look books or, you could always just browse through other user pages for outfit ideas!

After you finish getting your dance on to Andre's Happy Valentine's Day, go check out Polyvore, have fun playing around on the site, and become a follower of my profile, cdanielle64.  Thanks in advance!  Smooches!

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