Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where art thou to bring forth melodiuos music?

*If you cannot readily identify ALL the royalty in this pic, consider yourself dead* (Ok, maybe the bald guy may be a bit obscure, but you can find out. LOL)

You should know these righteous folks. 

Ok, maybe not should, but knowing of their existence will definitely enrich your common life that much more...I was thumbing thru a few of my old saved emails when I stumbled on my old faithful neo-soul site. The featured article of the day happened to be about my Soulaqurians. This pic was there and it just made me nostalgic and recall the airtight production team that had the Midas touch & took traditional neo-soul to a new & refreshingly unique level.

 In the late 90s to early 2000, they were a producing force to be reckoned with. The Soulaquarians are responsible for classic CDs such as D'Angelo's "Voodoo" & Bilal's "1st Born Second."(such a sleeper!) And most importantly, introduced me to my love of all things J Dilla. The team never put out a collective LP , but the lasting imprint they placed on the ever evolving genre will definitely be felt.

So my question is...where are they now? Individually, between real life & tragedies, the group sort of dissipated. But honestly, how dope would it be to get a word of a CD from them?!?! I myself would sell my spleen to get a project from the group. I know it would be high quality mursic!!  

What are some production people/teams that you would like to hear some new projects from?


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  1. Well, we know the leading lady in the middle, Ms. Badu is still doing here thaaang! And the Roots, I hear about them every so often.. Bilal, is on tour all the time and, is that Mos Def I see back there.. he's acting for the most part now, right??