Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekends: Fair Game for Vacation!!

Welcome to Europe! Okay, I think I am officially over my few months of culture shock. I'm finally getting used to living in Italy! It is so easy to travel here, many places are a short day trip drive for us. Switzerland took us 2 hours, Milan is an hour and Venice is less than 2 hours. So my new self appointed job has become, "official family event planner." Yes, I made that up. It doesn't usually go over too well with the hubby at first, (we're spending too much money, you're high maintence...blah blah blah) but then we all have fun and really enjoy the experience. SO.....I have planned out our events for the rest of the year...

This really amazing Beach resort in Jeselo, Italy is our next trip. It's a 2 hour drive, and a 20 minute ferry ride from Venice. We actually got a friend of mine that agreed to watch the girls for the weekend, while we enjoy our anniversary trip (gasp!)...Its over 10 miles of beach with Europe's largest water park right there on the beach. Our hotel serves us breakfast on the our own private beach and there's an annual sand sculpture competetion. I'm really excited. We've been enjoying traveling so far and our "been there" list is getting longer!...Belgium is planned for September. Germany in October then New Years eve in Paris, France! Welcome to Europe, where every weekend CAN really be a vacation!

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  1. We want to see Pics! Pics! Pics!!