Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Liv and Learn // Let it Loose!

I had grabbed a notebook randomly out of my file cabinet a while ago for one of my many boring classes I had to attend. As I sat in my class zoning out, I opened it up and realized it was a journal I used to write in when I was pregnant with my last child and also when I was deployed for 4 months. To pass time (and see how good my writing skills were back then), I started to read the entries I inputted. Man, I had sooo many problems listed in that thing. Given, a lot of negative events were happening in my life at the time, but man, it seemed like a permanent rain cloud was over my life. So I continued reading and as I did, I felt some of the emotion that I had felt at the time re-visit. Reading how hurt and depressed I was back then was terrible & I also got angry. So then I started to reflect to see why I was still upset over old stuff. Why was I unhappy now about things that:

1. I can't change 

2. Were the result of having negative people around me that I've now disassociated with

3. And most important, the issues were over AND done!

Just realizing where I was and how much God has blessed me with now lifted my spirits and made me take those pages out the journal and rip them up. While yes, I have the memories of the things that have happened in my life, tearing those pages up was a representation of me literally letting it go!

In life we like to sometimes focus on the bad. Instead of looking at all the positive we've done, how good things are in life, we can get caught up in the bad day we had at work. Or that one person hurting our feelings instead of thinking, man, I know tomorrow will be better or yeah, that one person did that, but I have true friends that I know will not treat me in that manner and respect me.

I urge you all to have a positive outlook on life and live in the NOW! Trials only make us stronger & when you look back over what God has bought you through, I hope you can see that you are truly blessed! MUAH!


  1. I love this, sometimes you really have to hear something like this to make you realize that it is going to be ok. you go girl!!

  2. Thank you hon! I know everyone goes thru, its just a nice reminder that we've come so far!