Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I CAN beWeave it!

Good Morning Europe, America and the rest of the world!! Let me say that for 27 years of my life, I've had natrual-no perm long hair...SO I did the unthinkable...I CUT it! I felt like it was just something I would always wonder about, so I just did it....SO of course I never wore wigs or weave. but NOW, lol, I love my hair short, but some days I feel a lil Kim Kardashianish so I decided to venture to wigs/half wigs etc. I have no idea about hair types, remy hair, indian hair...I'm just clueless! I felt a little self conscious at first but now I think it's a good way to switch up my look and give me a quick style. Never mind the fact that I look like two different people...but I promise it's still ME!! How do you feel about weave?



  1. Ain't nothing like throwing on a quality half wig! I love versatility, so its all up for grabs!

  2. I'm nervous.. but I'm gonna try a wig.... one day! I like that one on you Chells!

  3. LOL I'm learning that Liv! :)...u need to try it Casha You'll look HOT!