Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hemmed Up!

As I was logging on to my Yahoo account, I spotted an article on a lady named Marissa that was going on a recession proof plan for the year. Her goal is to shop at thrift stores, yard sales, things of that nature, for clothing that was $1 or less, and take it home to transform it into something new and fabulous. I do NOT know why this triggered my interest, but curiosity took over and I took a gander at what she was creating. And WOW! I've got to show you some before and afters because this chick with needle and thread is amazing!!!

And most of her outfits cost less than $5 to make! I am soooo inspired to get on the good foot and learn to sew and re-use my current clothing in new ways. I always wanted to, but just never got into it (i.e. want to buy my clothing already pre-assembled.) But for real, for real, I plan on getting a flyer from the on-base Arts and Crafts Center and am gonna sign up for the new sewing circle! YASSSSSSS!!!! An added bonus with that is too, when my kids need things patched right up or have a hole in their favorite EXPENSIVE clothing, Mother will be right there with my Singer, saving the day! Oh, the possibilities!!!!!!

Click HERE to check out Marissa's site and dig her recycled threads!


  1. you know, I think I may try something like this.. maybe only shopping thrift and vintage next year (with the exception of shoes) I just can't see myself wearing someone elses shoes (someone I didn't know before!) But you can always send me shoes you don't want.. especially those black LV booties you have.. think about it!

  2. LOL!!! I can't wear no one's shoes or clothes. I don't know how you do it!!!!!