Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top 5: Martiiinnn Movies

Because I've been secluded from the world of reality tv, new series airing and new Hollywood premieres, I keep myself entertained with the movies I have on my laptop's hard drive. 

In honor of the one man that never fails to give us good chucktastic cinemas:  good ole, Marty Mar! 
Oh how I love him!  Besides watching his hilarious series every morning (like I've never seen the episodes), I find myself watching a Martin movie at least once a week! 

And here are my Top 5 Martin Movies! (in no particular order)
You Go Boooyyyy!!!

 Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

For real, I watch this movie everytime HBO or Showtime airs it!


"I’ll tell you what, last time I left a pizza here, it magically dissapeared.. you know its like leavin candy around me. It’s not gonna be alright i’ma ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chomp it up!"

 A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

As much as I disliked Martin's character, this movie is a classic... or a learning lesson depending on how you look at it! 

College Road Trip

Even though he was OVERLY protective in this movie, I really like when Martin play the parental roles!

National Security

Smh... Martin is a trip in this movie!!  His attitude towards that poor cop was horrible.... but, when I watched it the other night, I was grabbing my sides, crying laughing!!   

What are your favorite Martin movies?



  1. How could you forget Life!?!? Good ole Martin AND Eddie!

  2. Confession #298: I just recently saw Life for the 1st time and it wasnt all that great to me! lol! It was funny, but.. blah.. I like Boomerang better than Life.. even though Martin had a smaller role in it, he still held it down!! lol