Sunday, June 5, 2011

Official Repost // Gimme that GUAP

"Growing Up and Progressing," is definitely what this up and coming magazine is achieving! Founded in 2007, Jay Smith and Glenn Davis decided to bring fashion, music, arts and the hip hop culture to everyone worldwide, focusing most importantly on those serving in the armed forces.

GUAP was created to serve hot products, the latest fashions trends, musical talents, military heritage, and career guidance to military members everywhere that are unable keep up due to hard work and tours of duty.

Both, Jay and Glenn, are Active Duty members of the United States Air Force, which makes this publication all the more useful. They both know what it feels like to return to the States from a deployment and not be up to date on the latest songs, fashion or electronic gadgets.

"Our market is owned and run by persistently committed individuals at each corner of the globe, who strive to educate our civilian supporters on the military lifestyle, under acknowledged by television or written in the newspapers."

-GUAP Magazine

The mission says it all. GUAP is not only geared towards the military family; they cater to the masses! However, as a member of the military, the Air Force in particular, I am excited about the GUAP movement and I've been a subscriber from day one!
Headquartered in Yuba City, CA, the GUAP team is always busy traveling about the globe. Always keeping the ComplexSimplicity staff aware of any event they host, we will be sure to keep you all posted!

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GUAP magazine just click HERE or visit their Facebook page. You can also contact us at



  1. To all the ComplexSimplicity Staff, we appreciate the love and support...thank you for the post, the vision that we have for the company is endless....

    -GUAP Magazine

  2. Thank you! CS loves that G.U.A.P.