Thursday, December 16, 2010

Escaping the Real World... to Paradyce

Most college guys, along with receiving their education, are busy trying to get with the prettiest girls on campus, attempting to become members of the fraternity they wish to join, or chilling on the basketball courts waiting for the next game. But for clothing designer, Pierre Batchler, college was a time to gain knowledge of our history, grow into a better man, and to build on his love of fashion.

During his sophomore year at North Carolina Central University, Batchler created Paradyce Clothing, Inc. Merging modest, but distinctive individual style, Paradyce Clothing, fashionably introduces the world to a cooler approach of clothing. Join ComplexSimplicity by “Escaping the Real World” for a moment, and allow us to take you to Paradyce…

ComplexSimplicity: How did you get your start as a fashion designer?
Pierre: Fashion for me has been a lifelong learning process. I can recall being in kindergarten, recognizing the trends... I recognized the "unspoken competition" that clothing created. I knew I always wanted to be different in my own way.

CS: Tell us about your clothing line called Paradyce?
Pierre: Well, the brand, Paradyce, was birthed in October of 2003; incorporated in January 2004. Paradyce clothing represents the expressive people who believe in being unique and standing out in a positive way. It's for people who still believe in their dreams.

CS: Where did the name come from?
Pierre: In the beginning, I used "Paradise" as a stage name for myself (because I'm a rapper), but when I realized I wanted to make my fashion into a business, the name had a strong hold on me. Through (a lot of) sketching, I changed the "I" to a "Y" because... well basically, it looked better to me. Seemed to stand out more.

CS: Where do you draw inspiration from for your collections?
Pierre: The inspiration comes from my struggle, my family... God. I look around and see the interactions of people as inspiration; the emotions. I'm very observant. It's the smaller things in life I notice. Challenges are also inspiration. They could be looked at as bad, but I take them as a learning process; growing from day to day to improve (the brand).

CS: You so deep, P!
Pierre: laughs..

CS: What celebrities would you like to see rocking Paradyce?
Pierre: Oooh, this is a good one! Definitely, Vince Vaughn. Janelle Monae. (Andre) 3000. I'd like to see Will Ferrell in some tees. I'd like to see Johnny Depp in a nice leather piece.

CS: So, are you wearing some Paradyce right now?
Pierre: (laughs) Nah, I'm wearing a pair of fatigue cut off shorts, a white t-shirt, a pair of Jordans and my tattoos.

CS: So, how would you describe your (personal) style?
Pierre: My style is very simple. I don't really put too much thought into what I wear. All my thought goes into the line.

CS: What trend would you like to see disappear?
Pierre: Honestly, if its not me (and my label), I kinda don't pay attention to it. It's no point. But since you asked the question, my answer would be the trend of fake, bootlegged items. It's just false contentment of style. It's like not even making an effort.... not appreciating the hard work that goes into the luxury brands.

CS: If we were to take a look in your closet, what would we find?
Pierre: Other than the mountain of kicks (I'm addicted to shoes), you would find vintage graphic tees, hats, I love accessories, and of course J's.

CS: I know you have so many words of wisdom, what would you like to leave us with?
Pierre: I just want people to know that there's always hope. The one thing that (I feel people sometimes don't realize) is that you can shape the world around you when the mind frame is focused. Good thoughts become good things... That's what paradise is about. That's what Paradyce is about.

For more information on Paradyce Clothing, please contact Pierre Batchler @ 646 546 6665 or contact us at

Photo Credit: Khari Jackson for Kharismatic Photograhy.


  1. This was great! Thank you Pierre for allowing us (like I wrote it LOL) feature you on our site! Your work is amazing and we can't wait to see what inspires you in the future!