Monday, October 11, 2010

Sensual Tunes // RDV's Bedroom

My boo has done it again!!! Yaasssss, baby!!!

*insert bells, whistles, 13 year old screams, whatever you want here*

Raheem Devaughn is back with a new video for his latest single, “Bedroom” from his album, The Love and War MasterPeace. I'm not saying this just because I'm his biggest fan, but I think it's due time that people start giving this man the credit he deserves! He's such a great artist, on the CDs, as well as live in concert! All that talent balled up into that little man.. Hmmph, hmph, hmph!!

Anywho, the super sexy, black and white video was directed by, rapper, Tabi Bonney. After watching and falling in love with most of Tabi's videos, I'm convinced that he needs to stick with making his signature, ultra hott, videos instead of rapping because they just keep getting sexier and sexier! I live!!

Great job, fellas!

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