Friday, December 17, 2010

CS Poetry Faves // Secret Fantasy

I want you
Oh, yeah I do
I want to touch you
You’re my secret fantasy

My lips itch with anticipation
Eager to know every inch and curve
Your every sweet spot

I need to hear you moan
I long to see you throw your head back
Suck air through your teeth
Can you moan for me?
I speak that language too

I want to lick you
Suck on your nipples till they buzz
Yeah, this is going to be a long night

I want to please you
Tell me what makes you hot
Let me be your fantasy too

I want to tease you
Make you frantic with need
Make you oblivious to everything
Except for the throb that controls you

I want to be your release
The name you call
The face you see
When you finally let go

I want you to shake
The way I do
When I think about touching you

I need to see the face you make
When you cum for me
Like you’re in pain, but not

I need you to need me
Seek me out
Hold me close
I want you to want me


  1. LOL @ juicy. I like the way it was written. Not too crass, but um, let's you know just how he's thinking.