Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who You Need to Know // Jennifer Sales

Do you need life?? Do you need it more abundantly??? Well get INTO web sensation Jennifer Sale!! This hilarious Yahoo blogger has taken the world wide web by storm with her witty, colorful and absolutely hilarious commentary on your favorite reality shows and celebrity news. 

I happened to stumble upon Miss Jen when I was looking for a recap of the previous night's Real Housewives of ATL (Chile, I STANS for that show!) and it was one of the first results from my Google search. When I tell you, she went in my head and wrote some of the exact same things I was thinking and then some! 

Just check out some of the nicknames she has for some of the cast of RHOA:

Dr. Tiemyshoes = The good "Dr." Ty-E
Father Time = Cynthia's "fiance", Peter
MAC makeup reject = Phadrea
Kim & her trusty, dusty wig = Kim & her trusty, dusty wig

*digs hole 6ft deep and waits for Jesus to come*

Pure comedy.
Either way, go experience her for yourself and get into the circus ring that Jennifer Sales calls her blog site!

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