Monday, November 22, 2010

A Moment of Reflection...

It's amazing the things you find when you're cleaning... This is a poem, a great friend of mine wrote back in college. We lost touch for a minute, but thanks to the beautiful world of FB, we managed to hook up again...

More to come from P. Andre.. Enjoy!


As I put life on pause.... take a look in the mirror
looking in his eyes the vision may appear to be clearer
I see his STRUGGLE
I see his PAIN
I see his HUSTLE
I see the RAIN
He embraced when nobody would trust him.
Now a grown man, trying to run..
Just learned to stand.
Fighting the evils, brushing the shoulder of the reaper.
Look into his mind..
Let's take a look even deeper
I see his GOALS
I feel his SOUL
I'm watching his FOES
I feel his gangsta, I see his P&Q's, he stay on his toes
I see his ROAD,
the effort he makes to carry the whole load.
Them haters trieds to stop him but the boy said Oh NO!
He just might be too STRONG.
After all this bull shit, he still last this long.
It ain't about who's hot or who can write the fastest song.
It's about what's REAL.
When I take a look in the MIRROR
that's the only ONE I FEEL

~P. Andre

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