Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's a Celebration!!!!

As the title states, ComplexSimplicity is celebrating our 100th post for the site! We are super excited to be reaching this number as we've only been blogging for about 2 months now! In the past 2 months, we've gained some avid followers, made a few blogger buddies, and we've shared with you some tidbits, hobbies and random thoughts of our lives. We've received alot of constructive criticism, some words of wisdom and even a little haterade but we promise we will keep doing, what we do!

It took a while, but for about 2 months, Liv and Cash went back and forth about starting a blog together. One night, while surfing Facebook, Cash notice a term that caught her eye, "Complex Simplicity;" and at that moment, the light bulb decided to flip on! The term was the perfect description of our lives and that is why we embraced it! Liv and Cash then invited close friend, Pooh to join the team and BAM! There you have it, Cash, Liv and Pooh: the Three Amigos of ComplexSimplicity!

Below are just a few of our fav memories. Plan on more posts of our wild, crazy and super funny times as we continue to grow and share our simply complex lives with you! We truly love you all and thank you for the support & love you've showered on us young bloggins'.

And to assist in our celebration, ComplexSimplicity, has chosen this ever so classic song, by CS Fave, Jay-Z to add to the occasion!! Feel free to visualize us partying it up with Hov and guest! Ayeee!!


  1. I loved the 100th brought tears to my eyes. I am back and I am so ready to contribute to our CS fam with new ideas, fashion, and sightseeing from the Middle East. They have a lot to offer and I am going to enjoy showing it to you guys. I have missed you all...and I just want to tell you OG and Casha, I thank you for asking me to join you guys, and just know that I wouldn't want to be apart of something like this with no one else. I love you guys and I am thankful to call you my sistas!! Be and STAY blessed CS fam!


  2. 1- why am "I" the one hold the cigs and the drank in 2 of the pictures.

    2- the pic of the babies is too cute! brings back memories of long nights drinking moscato and conversations full of laughter!!

    3- and last but not least, we sure are some pretty ladies!