Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hair Talk // Played Out Like an 8-Track

Okay, so the title was the first thing that came to my mind.. but it's funny! LOL!

Duh, already! I put a relaxer in my hair!!

Now get over it already!!

I just had to let that out! I am so over this "every black woman should and has to go natural" thing! It's annoying me. Yes, it may be true that natural hair is healthier hair, but it is a choice and "helluvalot" of maintenance!

Just the other day, I updated my profile picture on Facebook (as you see) and minutes later, I received a message from a FBF, "Hey, you permed your hair?" My first thought was "Uh, yeah, clearly I did" but I replied, "yeah, I did.." and gave her my whole spill on how I was getting tired of the same ole curly do I had. She then replied a simple "oh, ok." *rolls eyes* Well, damn. Can I get a looks nice or something?! Sheesh!

Being the person I am, I got over it, or rather, I decided to bring it to the blog. What bothers me most about my switch to the relaxer is that I've been ridiculed about it. I've been called a quitter, not committed, and shallow because of my hair!! Are you freakin serious! It's just hair and more importantly, it's, wait for it..... say it with me, MY hair!

While I love the natural look on others, a good example Solange, the transition just wasn't for me. I'm so annoyed with people trying to "recruit" me to the natural side again. But get this, I'm so thankful that God gave me the hair I have, because I can do whatever I want with it. I can wear it curly one day and straight the next! So, phooey to you, you "Natural Fo Life/Is Life" chicks!
And in Twitter terms: #imjustsayin

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