Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Wore // Double Take: Mom's Sweater

My apologies for the hiatus, but hey, life happens...

Anywho, so, you all know I went home a couple of weeks ago, right. While I was in NC, I had the pleasure of experiencing 3, yes, three different seasons!! When I first arrived it was summer. This,my loves, is all your girl packed for!! (Who's great idea was that?) Just a few days into the trip, I then went through the rainy season.. ugh! Lord knows, I hate the rain! I wasn't too miserable, but cold rains are just not for me. Finally, by the time I left, the nice Autumn temperatures came in: brisk in the am, warm in the afternoon, cool at night.

Sooo, this all leads up to the Yellow sweater. Like I mentioned before, being the Texas girl that I am, I only packed summer clothes for my trip. I had to go through my mom's closet for some warmer clothing and luckily, I stumbled across a yellow Banana Republic sweater! Mom has only worn it a few times, but after I wore it these two times, she wanted to keep it!

She didn't like the fit of the sweater and to be honest it's not all that flattering. I explained to her, that with the help of a few accessories, you can make anything outfit stand out! My mom is so silly! She was so amazed with me throwing a belt over top the sweater, that she almost tried to keep it! But I got away with it.. and a few other items in her closet! (pays to have a fashionable mother!)

Please excuse the flash! I'm new to the whole cell phone pic, like that.. I actually hate seeing that, but I left my camera at home so.. it had to do!

What I Wore:

Left: Banana Republic sweater, thrifted double pearl necklace (that my mom stole from me), thick brown belt (can't remember where it came from), dark demin wide legs (you'll see those again, soon)

Right: Banana Republic sweater, with black and silver accesories, Express thin black belt, and black stretch jeans from Old Navy

Let me know what you think! When did I rock my mom's sweater better?

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