Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's in Your...

Make-Up Bag?

OMG! So, here's the background story of this super cute, hot pink make-up bag:

For the longest, I've just been throwin my make-up in my purses, like, oh well, whatevs, *in my Fabolous voice* "just throw it in the bag" type of thing! Well, I finally got fed up with myself after one of my brand new Cover Girl pallets, exploded in my purse!! Grrr...

This past weekend, out at Target, my husband pointed it out to me and guess what? It was only 97 cents! Whoop-whoop! Can you say deal? Since then, my work purse and I have been loving it!

Here's what I carried (and usually carry) in my Make-Up bag:

1. MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation (in NW 45) with brush for touch-ups here and there through out the day, if need be.

2. A hot pink, heart shaped mirror from Express. I bought my Liv one in black, she despises "pank" in her words!

3. Smokey Noir Eyeshadow Pallet from RIMMEL (which I wore that day.. I was sexy!)

(But, I'm mad that scarf line is on my forehead! And the humidity in TX does a number on my hair! Ugh!)

4. RIMMEL Glam Eyes: Lash Flirt Mascara and Eye liner. I usually use Cover Girl LashBlast, but this makes my lashes really pop!

5. Express Lemon Lush Lip Gloss. Taste good and keeps lips moist!

CS'ers, tell me what's in your make-up bag?

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