Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Warrenton State of Mind

Ok, so Jay-Z's BluePrint 3 has been my official "going home" cd, not sure why, but it just was!
You all know how I like to countdown, right? Unfortunately, I've been so busy here lately, I just wasn't able to give you the weekly, turned daily, almost hourly countdown... my apologies. Whelp, just to let you all know, I will be hitting the air for North Carolina! Don't be mad if I take a two week break because I will be relaxing at home in the beautiful Warrenton, NC for two weeks! *breathes in, releasing a long exhale here* I can't wait to get home to my little town!

Last time I went home, it was Thanksgiving and I had a great time with the family! Although, it seems like a random time of year to be taking a trip, I'm actually going home to celebrate my daddy's (yes, I'm such a daddy's girl) birthday!

Other than that, I'll be sure to post pics of all the beautiful sights, the great food, out and abouts, my beautiful family and anything, my camera can catch!

But for now, here are a few pics of "big city" of Warrenton! Enjoy!!

The Ivy Bed and Breakfast
I actually used to play there as a child when it was a regular house... absolutely beautiful place!

"THE" High School... Warren County High I all capped "the" because, yes, it's the only high school in the county. Don't judge my county!! Aahh.. the memories... learning how to play tonk in the band room, yet we still sounded good on the football field!

The Hardware CafeThis is literally used to be a hardware store! I can remember Red Rider wagons and bikes in the windows, but someone obviously purchased and turned the store into a Cafe... I've never eaten there, but I hear they have good food! Maybe, I'll go and let you know.

The Courthouse (and the Sheriff's Office) I used to work, at the Sheriff's Office! Whoop-Whoop.. just in e'erybodies business! LOL!

Awesome God Bookstore

My preschool teacher owns this bookstore. Even though she's married now, she'll always be Ms. King to me! Sweetest lady ever!!

Can you imagine that all these pictures take place on Main street? Or should I say "the" main street?! LOL! I love my Warrenton! And I love being a country girl!!

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