Friday, September 10, 2010

On Demand: TV on DVD

Five TV Series on DVD I need in My Life:

(in no particular order)

New York Undercover: This show made me want to persue a career in Criminal Justice! Oh, how I loved J.C. and Eddie! The show always had the best music at the end of each episode, too!

Sex and The City: No, I did not follow the show, but I still love the girls, and the shoes, and the fashions, and the, well, I'm sure you get my drift! I do need to catch up from the beginning.. I hear that Carrie could work a nerve..

Soul Food: The reason I didn't watch SATC, because I was too busy learning scripts! I can tell what each episode is about just from the opening song! Trust me, I'm a true Soul Food fan! Didn't really care for the movie.. but the series brought the Joseph sisters to life!

La Femme Nikita: I hearts a butt kicking, gun carrying (and knows how to actually use it), women! This series was! So, I'm a little skeptical about the new CW series, but I'll be watching and comparing.

True Blood: Oh Em Gee!!! How could I almost forget!! Now that the season 3 finale will be airing this Sunday, its the perfect time for me to catch up on the different character's stories! Team Eric!

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1 comment:

  1. UHMMMM Soul Food- YES!!!!!
    UHMMM SATC- YES!!!!!!
    UHMMM NY UNDERCOVER- Whoa!!! You took me back!!!

    Love it:)