Thursday, September 9, 2010

LoveHate Type of Day // MAC Venomous Villains Collection

I try to make it a point to always AVOID the MAC store when I go to the mall, but that's like trying to stop Pookie from smoking crack. So, as I did my mall laps, I found myself at there. Looking at the same products that were there last week (Yes, I have a situation, I'm fully aware) one of the MAC Pros asks me if I've seen the new products for MAC's latest launch line. When I say I pulled myself back like I got slapped and just stared at her, I was so honored! "Since you're a preferred customer, I'll show you the preview for the Disney villain line" she says. Way to butter me up b*tch. *sigh* Annnnd it worked. I walked my ass to the back room where they had the setup for the launch.

And so my love/hate relationship intensifies.

Just when I think I can kick the habit, MAC go 'head and do something like this.

I INSTANTLY fell in love with the Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent collection. Being that it's my favorite Disney cartoon, it all but made sense. But honestly, the mineral eyeshadows are to DIE FOR!!!

I need this one!! ^

  All in all, the packaging is awesome and the collection as a whole is really exciting. The best product they had was the "Magically" cool liquid powder. When I took a swatch of the powder, it instantly felt like it was wet. Effin.Cool.Ish.

The collection launches on Sept 30th. Get in line and get a hold of these cause you know they gonna sell out!!! 

Also check out Temptalia for more details on the whole collection!

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