Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top 5 // The "Get It" List: Rapper's Delight

Ladies & Gents, we all to some extent have some type of celebrity "could get the business" list. Whether yours is just that childhood star that was always that good looking heartthrob or whether you would just unleash your inner freak on a sexy mutha, there is that certain somebody that maybe, if you could, you know you would! Don't lie, yes you would!! LOL!

I decided to put a lil twist on it and do my top 5 lyricists this go 'round.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 MC's, in no particular order:

(It was soooo hard to narrow, I'm greedy!)

I'd shole nuff share my flat iron with him. The morning after...LOL!

#1. Andre 3000, with his weird ass.

I image he'd talk to me bout the conspiracy theory on Mars while slicing up fruit and wanting me to throw on scuba gear and get to some free-kay thangs! YASSSSS!! Its just something about him...he's so intriguingly sexy to me.

#2. Nelly

Chile, this Midwest thang is just eye candy for ages to me! And I loves me an accent, so that alone gets him goody points. The only thing I can say could be bad is that I think his peen game is off. IDK why. I think its just cause he was with that woolly-sideburned, sharp-toothed Ashanti. (Hatin hard on her ain't I? LOL)

*white girl screams*

#3. Common

The only light skinned that could get the Vickies up off of me. I love his deep voice, deep-for-days dimples and freckles! *sighs* To me, he seems like he would be an exquisite lover, like he knows how to appreciate a woman's body and make her feel sexy. I think if I ever met him in person, I would just die!!! Then try to kidnap him.

Talk dirty to me Mos!!!

#4. Mos Def

(Do you see the common theme of dimples here? LOL! I absolutely love em, they're my weakness.)

As for Mos, he seems like the perfect conversationalist and a bit of a flirt. But really, I think he'd mind-f*uck the heck outta me! From his music, he has a great word play and I like witty men. Plus he's funny and I always adore a man that can make me laugh.

#5. Jackie Long (yes he's dabbled in music for a hot sec, so he counts!)

Here is my newest boo thang. Damn I love a dark skinned man with a beautiful smile. Plus he has that lil raspy voice and stuff. Mmmm. But I think my boo boo may have a bit of the crazy in em. He just has that look. Oh well, as long as he stay in line, he can stay on the list. Behave Jackie!

So CS...who are your choices on your "list"? Let us know!


  1. Ok...Here is my list:

    1. Nelly- No explanation needed

    2. Tupac-( yeah I know;I'm still in denial about his death)

    3. Diddy- I'm going to say two words -Tantric Sex

    4. Common-There is just something about him

    5.Romeo- I don't even know if he still raps and I feel like pedophile for saying this (he's 18 now) but that little boy is fiiiiine!

  2. LOL! I thought Nelly was clearly gonna be your numba 1!

    1. Andre 3000 - you know I loves that weirdo
    2. Big Boe - the running mate.. his country swag does slays me in the spirit!
    3. Tyga - I don't know why, cause he is too skinty for me, but the tats do it!
    4. Big Kuntry King - just because I like that one song he had with Trey Songz.. feeling real country, hoodbooga right now! lol!
    5. Chris Breezy - even though I may get punched and bit, the homeboy from VA CGI!!!!

  3. Well I didn't want to be biased. LOL! Oooh, Tupac...that bod-day!!!!!!! Good one Chanel! But Diddy to me looks like his mouth is full of spit! LOL! I forgot about Big Boy!!!! Him in ATL = lust!!!