Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cry Over You // YahZarah

I LIVE!!!! NC is on the grind hard these days!! I don't know if she's originally from NC, but I do know she went to North Carolina Central University! Eagle Pride! Actually, I think she may be from DC, maybe that's why the video was shot there! Love that representation, too!! Especially, because the DMV is slowly but surely making its stamp in the Hip-Hop/R&B genre.

Anywho, you may have noticed YahZarah on stage with CS fave, Erykah Badu. Just one of her many and talented background singers, Erykah has had. But, you can also see her in the Bag Lady
video, too (that's her in the yellow).

Rapper, Phonte also appears in the video, reppin NC! *screams* I know him (actually my brother knows him, but same thing)! But just in case you don't, he's a member of Durham, NC's own, Little Brother. You may remember Elion the Great, saying he wants to work with them one day... yeah, that's them... they are truly "somethin' like a celebrity" around our way!

Very cute video, though! I love all the bright colors! Do ya thing girl!! Enjoy!

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  1. YahZarah is such a talented up-and-coming artist! So glad I stumbled upon her music.

    It seems as if she's starting to gain steam in the music world as I just watched a video interview ( from Soul Summer.

    Well deserving, too! Keep it up!

  2. She sure is Jasmine! Very talented! I love when people that can actually sing come out! I hope she succeeds in this industry!

  3. Love her! (Yelling Loudly) NCCU!!!!! YAY! She used to live on my hall in Annie Day Shepherd Dormitory and I had an English class with PHONTE!!!! Love them!