Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Girl Crush // Solange Covers FashizBlack Mag

Must I even comment on my girl crush of Solange??? *screams* I freakin love this girl!! I love, Love, LOVE her style! She's so free and doesn't care what anybody has to say about what she's wearing; remaining classy and ladylike at all times. Of course, I know people will go there, we're human, I honestly think Solo has far better fashion sense than Beyonce. Don't get me wrong, the ladies here at CS know I loves me some Bey Fierce, too! (I don't wanna here your mouth Pooh!) However, when it comes to the everyday, celeb sightings and what not, you've gotta hand the the 10pts to Solange.

Since you can't see the excitment written on my face, just let me say, in awe of her fabulousness, here are my five favorite words to describe my girl, Solo:


Sorry, I just felt like playing with color today! :~)

Also, check out the video of her photoshoot! I LIVE!! And can somebody please find out what the name of the song playing in the video is? I so need that on my running playlist!

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  1. That song is Took the Night by Chelley. itune it! and yes SOLO is doing her thang!!

  2. You know how I feel about my gal!!!!!! She can do NO wrong.

  3. @ Chandra, you're thebombdiggity.com for knowing that song!

    @Liv, ditto galore!