Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out & About//Destination: Dole Plantation

This weekend, we needed to get out of the house. And I racked my brain on doing something a little different than the typical beach weekend. (I know, so hard to deal with. Ha!) But around my office, I heard a few folks speak about the Dole Plantation (I detest saying that word! LOL!) so I went online to their website HERE and got my peek on.

Based on everything I saw and it only being a 30 min drive, I went on ahead and decided to take us on out there! 


The Dole *mumbles* Plantation boasts the largest maze on Earth. I'm just glad we didn't get lost in that mutha! Inside, there are "hidden" stations you have to find to complete the maze, so that was pretty fun, for a hot second. We went in the heat of day, which was a bad idea. The kids got tired of the maze after 10 min. LOL!

The entrance to the maze. Ahh!
One of the "hidden stations" to fill out your card

Also we took the train ride which was very educational, plus at the same time you get to see some amazing sights. It took us around the fields and told us how the process for collecting the fruit was done.

Pineapples in the volcanic dirt

The plantation (ARGH) fields

The kids were just stoked to ride the big red train!

And you know we couldn't leave without sampling the good ole fruits of their labor! MMMmmmm!

Pineapple ice cream!!!!!!

All in all, I think the kids had a good time and it'll prolly be a place on the itinerary for when we have visitors from off island. But check it out if you're ever on Oahu!

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  1. Here's a random thought.. pineapple used to be one of my cravings when I was preggers.. could this be a sign?!