Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out & About // Paradise Cove

Last weekend, I had the absolute pleasure to attend the Paradise Cove luau, located in Ko'Olina with my good friend AC. When I tell you it was a great show, great set up and good food, please bah-leeve it! The drive from Hickam Air Force was about 25 min, and it was set in a beautiful location.Get into the following pics and book your flight on over to attend!

Click HERE to check out the site and what packages they offer (Gold sticker bish right here! LOL)

Welcoming us into the Cove... so pretty and lush!
Such beeeeutiful landscape! Paradise!

He got high!
My "Ready to eat pig" face!
Gorgeous sunset *sighs*

Gimmie that swine!!!!!
Hoola girls!
Great dancers! (And I got a lil peek LOL)


  1. I love the pics. It looks like you had a great time.

  2. I want to be there!!!!! UGH!!!! Love the "where's the pork?" face!

  3. Thank you guys. If ever you have time to visit the island, do it!