Friday, February 11, 2011

Fine, the Realistic Birthday List...

Fine, fine.. here's my for real, for real birthday wishlist! 
Just in case you were wondering! 

Some Senegalese Twist.. because they are soooo gorgeous, professional and easy to take out!


One of Kierra Sheard's albums... preferable Bold, Right, Life

This 80's silk blouse from Nelda's Online Vintage Store.. click HERE to purchase!

The 2011 PDG Gold.. so I can start studying EARLY for Tech!  Trying to increase my coins and my responsibility as a Non Commissioned Officer in the USAF!  Umkay!!

An Edible Arrangement!  It looks sooo yummy!!  It would probably be gone in one day!

I'll be checking the our email at ...
I'm waiting!!!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I have that album by KiKi and I would send it to you if possible. I love the song invisible on that album.