Saturday, February 5, 2011

CS Natural Beauty: Elaine

You all may remember how long my "natural hair" journey was.. it literally lasted about *snaps* that long.  However, I decided to get some insight from people that actually stayed with the process, so meet our first CS Natural Beauty: Elaine! 
Natural for 8 years and counting, Elaine explains what inspired her to become natural, her hair routine, and if she'll ever go back to the "white stuff". 

Name: Elaine
Age: 31
Location: NC

ComplexSimplicity:  What or who inspired you to go natural?
Elaine:  I always admired anyone that I saw with healthy, neat locs. After years of admiring other people's locs, I was inspired to begin my own loc journey.  I let go of other people's perception of beauty and embraced my own perception of beauty for myself.

CS:  Was it a spontaneous decision or a process?
Elaine:  Yes and no...Although, I debated for 6 or 7 years whether or not to grow locs, it was when I received my last relaxer in March 2002 that I "woke up" and said no more relaxers, I'm going to do what I want and grow locs!

CS:  How long have you been natural and/or had your locs?
Elaine:  I have been natural for 8 years.

CS:  What is your hair routine? How often do you do it?
Elaine:  I wash my locs with Taliah Waajid Stimulating Herbal Cleanser and Carol's Daughter Tui hair Shampoo every 2-weeks.  However, I do not twist my locs every 2-weeks. I believe if I twist my locs too often they will thin out, thus, decreasing the longevity/life of my locs. I moisten my scalp lightly with water and apply Nature's Blessings Hair Pomade directly to the scalp once a week since my scalp tends to soak up moisture.  I usually tighten my locs once or twice a month after my hair and scalp has been washed and oiled.  Since my scalp and hair are oiled with the Nature's Blessings after the wash, I simply spray my locs with water to keep my locs moist while I tighten my hair by re-twisting the new growth around the locs.  I usually air dry but if I need my locs dried quickly I sit under a hooded drier for 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half.

CS:  What's the best thing about being natural?
Elaine:  My locs represent a sense of freedom. Freedom from other people's perception of beauty and freedom from the pain that relaxed hair can bring, such as chemical burns and damaged hair that falls out or does not grow. I love the versatility of my locs and most importantly, I LOVE how BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT I feel with my natural hair!

CS:  Do you think you'll ever go back to a relaxer?
Elaine:  I can not say for sure whether or not I would go back to a relaxer. I think as women our looks are ever evolving, thus, changing your hair is a part of that evolution. One day I may decide that I want relaxed hair again but today I can say that I do NOT miss "the creamy crack." :-)

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  1. I love the interview job well done

  2. Thank you lady! You're up next! I'll be contacting you on some more ideas for your blog!