Monday, January 10, 2011

Pause For The Cause....

Hey CS'ers, I (well speaking for Liv and I... we have a strong enough connection that I can say "we") will be taking a break from this here blogging for a while.  Hey, I've said it before, life happens!  I mean, well, if time permits, we may stop thru, but this is just a formal heads up!  We just didn't want to leave you all hanging, and have you checking back everyday, like "what's going on with CS??"  LOL..

You should check back for new post around February 1st!  February is my birthday month, so I will most definitely be posting some What I Wore's, Celebration Music, and Birthday Wishlist post (I may even include my address for you, if you're trying to be generous in 2011!). 

However, feel free to become a follower (if you're not already), comment on prior post (we have some good reads people) and just groove to the CS Symphony (on the right - Liv hooked our playlist up a couple of weeks ago)!!

So, *sniff, sniff* with that being said, *in my Pam from Martin voice* Peeeaacceee!!

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