Friday, December 24, 2010

Who I'm Listening To: Lola Monroe

Yeah.. it was real hard coming up with a title! LOL! Whatever to that, though... I've been on this Lola Monroe kick for the past couple of days, watching her YouTube videos and after listening to several of her mixtapes, I have to admit that her rap skills have definitely improved over the past couple of tapes (as they should)!

Now, I'm not one to get into debates about who's a better rapper (Lola vs Nicki - just ain't me, so don't even go there), however, I do choose to show credit where credit is due, and Lola has my support!

I've had my eye on her Ms. Monroe for a while, every since I found out she was from "home" inside joke a couple years back so, I am determined to get a CS interview with her in 2011! Just trust me! I have faith that it'll happen!

Anywho.. I've been on my "sexy gangsta" after listening to her new mixtape, Boss Bitch's World 2: Batteries Not Included all evening.

Trust me, I'll be bringing you more news about Lola. As for now... get into this track, Louis, Gucci, Fendi... now!

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