Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Style Maven // Kimmy Cakes

Dang its been a hot minute since we've done this! LOL! But I've been visiting some sites and seen some style for that azz!! I hope a few other celebrities New Year's resolution is to get on the fashion good foot! As much as I try to deny Kimberly Noel Kardashian of her hustle, one thing for sure is the girl has got some banging stylists style! Whether it be a staple smokey eye, creating a beautiful fragrance or teaming up with ShoeDazzle to help launch some purrdy shoes & along with her sisters, have created a line for popular clothing retailer Bebe, she is surely establishing herself as a beauty and fashion icon of 2011.

I adore how she uses funky statement pieces and most importantly, knows the power of a bangin shoe! An outfit never overpowers her footwear or vice versa. Hecks, even the people she hangs out with (i.e. Lala, Ciara & most recently, thank Jeevus, Serena Williams) all step their looks UP once Kimmy gets a hold of em. Don't believe me, check out pics of all of em pre-Kardashian and after. Don't worry, I'll wait...

Perfectly balanced with the right amount of va-voom, Kim K.'s look is fun, flirty and I hearts it!

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