Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Another Case of the P.C.M.


One thing I really detest is an incompetent medical provider. And yes, the PCMs (that's Primary Care Manager for ya non-military folks) here at the base I'm stationed at are pure caca doody. I mean sure, I know there are loads of folks that come in there with false injuries/symptoms/conditions, but for the majority of us that go in with legitimate concerns, we seem to be treated with the toot it and boot it service and standard prescription of 8oomg Motrin. 

With that said, some of the medical folks do some dirty stuff. I attended a retirement ceremony recently of a Chief that had been in the service for over 30 years. He raved and boasted that he worked for the greatest Air Force and truly enjoyed all his years he invested in the service. Then he ended his speech on a somber note. During the early years of his career, he had surgery on his ankle when stationed at an Army fort in Germany. Since then, he said the ankle barely gave him any troubles until his last few years. So when goes into the clinic for an appointment, his PCM looks through his records, puts them down and with a straight face tells him, "Sir, we have no documentation that you have ever had surgery. So it NEVER happened."


So I know you're saying, what happened? Well, the Army never transferred his surgery to his AF home base, so there is no documentation at all he every had it. And his PCM is refusing to assist him with providing him information nor are they trying to help him recover it or waiver it since it was an administrative screw up. SMH.

Lesson learned: Please make sure, whether you are military or civilian, that you keep a record of all your medical procedures (on or off base) and that you talk to your health care provider to insure that the both of you are on the same page concerning issues in your best interest. They can "recommend" treatment and such all day, but them pay-puhs is what you need!!!!!

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