Thursday, September 16, 2010

Out & About // Hanauma Bay

This go 'round, me and the kiddies decided to hit up a serious tourist spot: Hanauma Bay!!!

This place is famous for is beautiful coral reef, tropical fish and if you get lucky, you can also get a glimpse of sea turtles! (aka Dude Crush from Nemo, as I was corrected by my son. LOL!) We didn't get to see any sea turtles *insert sad face* but we DID enjoy the beautiful views and snorkeling!! That was defiantly a first for the fam, so we had a great time! And I ended up getting a tan. No really, arms look like charcoal and chest looks like flour. LOL!

It was a great time and we will be coming back. I needs to see my turtles!!!

A view from the top. Yikes!

The steepest dayum hill EVER! I almost lost my life!

My fat, porky leg in the shot, and my sister is the spot by the shore. LOL!

Marquise and I in the shallow end. He gave me strict rules about staying there!

On our way back home. Up the dangerous slope. Bye Hanauma!!!

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  1. I sooo gotta get out of the country! These pics are so beautiful!