Friday, September 3, 2010

Buh Bye Baby! (Phat)

Sooo, it appears that Kimora is finally giving up the ghetto threads of the Baby Phat empire. Click HERE for the full story. 
Well it's about time. I can honestly say that I didn't really care for the line. They had nice items very rarely. That's if you were able to get around the logo printed big as day on ya like ya get a cut for doing advertising for the company! 

How dreadful. 
Mo-Mo, we know its Baby Phat!!! No need to tag my shirt like we gang affiliated. UGH!

I saw the BP insignia in Wally World a few months ago, so that was my indicator that things were bout to go south. But don't fret, she'll still be on her grind with the 3 other clothing lines she has. But I am sooo ready for death of the Kitty Kat!!!!!
Good and Bye!


  1. Yawn. Kimo.. Why would she even put that crap out anyway bc i'm sure she wasn't rockin them kitty kats everywhere she goes! Her KLS line was nice.. I think she would have don't better with that one from the beginning, but she wanted to do urban clothing for the homies..

  2. I absolutely hate baby phat with every heart beat in me. RIP Baby Phat!