Thursday, September 2, 2010

Countdown to D(eVaughn) Day // Finally!

Okay, guys and gals, my wait is finally coming to an end!! And talk about super duper, excited!! I've heard so many good reviews about this concert! The only thing that I'm not so excited about is the fact that Raheem only has a 30 minute set! Like, seriously, only 30 minutes to hear his angelic voice?! Anywho, I'll take what I get until I go to one of HIS shows in MD or something. But honestly, I'm really anxious to hear all the fellas on the stage, even Jaheim. The last "concert" I went to was NCCU's Homecoming Concert featuring Destiny's Child (the original) but one of the "other" girls were sick so Solange stood in for them... Huh, the things I remember.

Anywho, pics of the event will be posted!! Special shout out to my husband for taking me to this concert! He knows how much it means to me to be able to see Raheem (and the others) live!! I can't wait to share my Love Experience with you all!

And for my final countdown post, a few of my fave's from RDV's albums (with brief explanations). Enjoy!

Is It Possible

This song reminds me of my husband and I... a smile can lead to alot... and my son loves this song! It used to put him to sleep when he was a niddle baby.. I'm not even playing.

Try Again

Also reminds me of my husband and I: He says it all.. "If I could reverse the years/To take back all the tears/I'd rewrite the screenplay.. But life don't work that way.." *singing* When it's not easy to walk away... try, try, try, try again!

The Greatness

Its a great "good morning gorgeous" song! As always, Raheem makes sure that the women have an anthem on his albums and this is it! Simple reminding us that we're beautiful!

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  1. I am uber excited about this concert! We need a full report once back. Oooh, or even a play-by-play commentary!