Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Jam// Estelle: Fall In Love

I've been blasting Estelle's, Fall In Love all summer, especially while working out! But today, during my closet session, VH1 Soul played the video. Imagine this: me cleaning, Estelle singing and then *pause and turn quickly to see if it was true* John Legend comes in crooning!! I've never heard this version but I love it!! So, I felt the need to listen to the Nas track, because this is the one I "fell in love" with. I proceed to Youtube the video, and Nas' verse is completely different than what I expected!! Geesh! These musicians can't keep switching it up on me like that!

Anyway, I just want to know your opinion, who rocked the song best?

John Legend vs. Nas



I don't know, y'all this is a hard decision... but I always have to go with the gentleman, so my vote goes to John! I just love his voice!

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  1. Both songs are cool... I like both John and Nas, but lets talk about that light-skinned fella with the blue eyes!! Umm, umm, ummmm!!!! He's such a hottie!!