Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quote of the Day: Samantha Smikle

I always find myself getting caught in a trance while browsing the pages of O.M.O. Writes! Samantha Smikle is definitely one of my favorite bloggers! I dont think I've ran across any outfit that I didn't love (on her)!! A lot of my outfit inspirations come from her so, whenever I try to "copy" (for the lack of words) one of her fits, I'll be sure to share with you to compare and show you my twist on the outfit.

Anywho, while trying to pull myself out of the hypnosis, I ran across the cutest, eye opening quote from her Way Too Dressed Up post:

"But whatevs! At least I felt special and that's way better than feeling average."
~Samantha Smikle

Love it, Samantha! Love it!
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