Friday, February 3, 2012

Top 5 // Influential Films from African American Men

There are those films that make you change your whole concept of thinking. Films that are so influential, that they become staples and forever leave an imprint on the very core of you. CS took the time to inquire a few black men on some of those said films that made an impact on their lives. The group polled ranged of a diverse mix of ages, backgrounds and careers, yet there was definitely a crossover of cinema all felt were important...

  *in no particular order*

 Spike Lee films  
(minus Girl 6 & Tales From The Hood *side eye*) 

This gentleman's work appeared the most out of all that responded. The common undercurrent from why his films are so monumental is the perspective & insight he lends to his viewers. With "School Daze", he revealed the joys & struggle of HBCU to a generation that didn't even know existed. "Malcolm X" showcased one of the "pioneers in the struggle for equality". Spike Lee's films reflected & star black men in positive, powerful roles.

Baby Boy

"Jody, my Jody"...This film also showed up a few times in our poll as the quintessential movie that depicted the real struggles of a growing man. The negro was the epitome of a hard-headed azz boy. But as the story progressed, you saw Jody grow from a frontin' hoodlum to seeing the error of his ways.


A POWERFUL account of the struggle, determination and strength that the 1st established all-black Army unit had to endure during the Civil War. The men who selected this film were astounded of the story's rich and forthcoming depiction in Edward Zwick's work. One of our men proclaimed,"I never felt so proud, so honored to know these brothers paved the way for me to have a successful military career."

Boyz In The Hood

This movie tells a tale of what really goes on in society and the mean streets of LA. Everyone that has ever lived in the “hood” can attest to the different events that go on in this movie. Men from our poll unanimously viewed the film as an accurate recount on how where your from does not dictate your outcome & how you can be the master of your own destiny. That despite your upbringing, you still have choices, but its up to you how to focus your decisions. Yet, the streets abide by a code...

Higher Learning

John Singlton and his successful debut also rated high on the list from our men. An exposition of TRUTHFUL accounts of obstacles all endured from attending learning institutes. Some of our men stated that other than Hillman, he'd never seen how real collegiate life could be. With a superb multifarious cast and the range of different issues set as its  antagonist and shows how college life gets real...

So CS fellas, what are some films you all feel are influential to you or inspired you to make changes or become more aware of your history/destiny?

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