Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 5 // Movie Soundtracks

I love all things music, and I love movies. So naturally, listening to a movie's soundtrack is a given. I think these days, a lot of movies don't focus on the strength of a quality album associated with their features. So, I decided to list my favs for you guys. Please feel free to add your fav soundtracks or comment. Click that itty bitty "Read More" to see the list!

Purple Rain

I literally just got finished listening to this! Prince...he can do no wrong. Each song on this soundtrack perfectly accompanied the movie & was friggin awesome! Love "Darling Nikki" & of course "When Doves Cry".  "I Would Die For You" is still the jam!!! I need to buy the movie!

Waiting to Exhale

Chaka, Faith, May J, TLC, CeCe Winans, Brandy & of course Miss Whitney herself. With all those greats on one CD, you know its audio goodness! I can vividly recall when each song plays in each scene & they were paired perfectly. I can still listen to that CD and NOT have to skip songs. 


*swoons* I think just because I so adore the movie is why this soundtrack is dear to me. LOL. This whole CD was an L.A. Reid production, so all the good stuff was on! I also remember Toni Braxton being introduced as an artist with  "Give You My Heart". Good 90s music!

The Bodyguard

Ok, another album chocked full of Whitney. HUSH! lol. This is the cassette tape that made me wanna be a singer. "Run to You" still gives me a feeling when I listen to it. I know the standout song is the one everyone remembers, but I recall radios & TV playing the HAIL outta "I Will Always love You", to the point where it made me detest it.

School Dayz

Ahhh, a Spike Lee joint & a musical, pure heaven. Now that I think about it, the directing was really like a modern day Tyler Perry play with the songs in to drive home points....LOL. But this album is sooo solid. The track that stands out for me is the Stevie Wonder tinged " I Can Only Be Me" & the gorgeous Phillis Hyman with "Be One". Only Spike could combine those legends and then add in E.U. with "Da Butt" LOL. 


  1. OMG, you SO forgot, LOVE JONES!!! That is a CLASSIC Soundtrack!! You can play it from start to finish!!

  2. great post!