Saturday, October 1, 2011

CS Disscussion // Computer Love

Soooo, recently, I had joined a an online dating service...

Pretty lame huh? LOL. To my defense, I was honestly curious on what the big hoopla was about. You see all the eHarmony & commercials, everyone been in e-love for years and marry, live happily ever after. Hell, even D-rated actress Essence Atkins met her husband on there! Really for me the driving point was realizing that almost 3 years after my divorce, I had not dated. I don't think I'm not attractive or anything, but me being a single parent of 3, full-time working and don't really get to go out and meet folks, my time is pretty limited. So I hopped on the site and did some research to see how to make it work.

Honey! I was instantly turned off by the PRICE, I ain't gonna lie. LOL! But I guess you can't put a "price" on happiness, so I bit the bullet. Next hurdle: the questionnaire. When I tell you that thang was thorough, man! I see why I haven't been dating, I didn't know I needed to ask all them questions! Finally after I press through literally 100+ questions, I get to the good stuff, them mens!!!...Or so I thought. LMAO. I could go and see and "flirt" with guys, but I wanted to see what type of guys I would attract. And just what I thought, the next day I had an inbox filled with dorks. Really, old local dorks. *le sigh*

 To make an already long story short, I only perused the site for a good 2 days. I just didn't put the necessary energy into and didn't like the fact that I felt like I was stalking folks profiles or they were preying on me. I see what the appeal of dating sites are, but it was definitely not for me. I need the physical interaction. And I especially don't want to be matched up with some database that decides what's "good" for me.

Online dating: I'll pass.

What do you all think about online dating?


  1. I'm actually cool with the computer dating game. It's not bad as it sounds. Just depends on which dating site you choose to work with. Some people use single sites, coversation sites, even facebook singles list. Nothing wrong with a digital girl till I actually meet her. But a computer, you can add and keep or delete. After all, everyone has someone even if its through a network. Holla. One.


  2. I think online dating is a way to get to know a person with out your personal "must haves" coming into play. If both parties are honest and open in their communication, that should be all that matters. Of course with that, you'd want someone nice to look at, but as far as personality and opening up to one another, I see no problem. Plus thru chatting, it gives you a chance to think of your response and avoid facial expressions and uncomfortable body language.. lol :)

  3. You both are right, online ventures are a great way to meet and get over that initial "awkward phase". But just the way it was set up made it difficult for me to get into it. But it works, so I think its good for them.

  4. OMG.. forgive me just now really reading this Liv! But 1st, you are not lame for trying the online dating!! Second, question, how much did it cost? LOL @ you attracting dorks... did you do any flirting with any of them?? You never know you FBD could be on the island, boo! lol However, I agree on the database "hooking you up".. But question, what if I had a friend I thought was good for you and the only way you could communicate was FB and or email/phone? Would that be the same thing?? Thoughts?? Anywho, dont worry, you boo thang is out there looking for you, love!