Friday, September 16, 2011

Simply Business // Greenhouse Effects

I've seriously been dedicated to makeup for about 2 years now. I've always fancied playing in it and loved how with a single application of color of liner I could alter my looks. Now that I'm beginning to fully embrace my calling, I'm slowly but surely on my way to where I wanna be in my business. 

As my passion, even with it starting as a hobby, it grew into me wanting more and that desire to create on others soon came after. For me, it's a rush to create art using the face as a canvas, and the reward is the initial gasp or tears of joy a client sheds after they look at themselves in the mirror...

The short (kinda long) term goal: doing a partnership with a legitimate beauty company as a Creative Director! (think NARS, Revlon) Hopefully after retiring from the military and getting to a more established area will assist with that.
The long term goal: Blossoming Greenhouse Effects into a full-fledged corporation. Excited! I'm absolutely claiming great things with this and expect for me to fully invest in what God gave me to do!

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  1. GO LIBBY!! I look forward to your success!!!!